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In the beginning...

Real selfie before all the posed ones.

When I wrote the first draft for Meet Me In Outer Space I never thought it would be published by Swoon Reads, honest. I'd already had two books denied, one that I thought was worthy and the other, in hindsight, that was not. Regardless, the email inviting me to speak with Lauren Scobell and Emily Settle caught me off guard to the point of speechlessness.

Of course I was excited and grateful and utterly humbled and have been since our first phone conversation. What I didn't think about, all those times daydreaming about having something I had written published, was all the other little things that went into becoming a published author.

This website for example, was not something I had even considered creating until I was asked if I had one. An author photo, also not something I had ever considered having to do…which, if you ever have to get a picture like that taken I would strongly suggest having someone you know talk to you during it. My smiles all felt (and looked) forced until I asked a friend to tell me a story.

Anyway, I’m going to try and keep up with this blog. I plan to write about what I’m up to, the editing process, and how I’m wading through it all.



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